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Pedal-powered Wire Lamborghini This Lamborghini made out of wire was shown off at the Art Car Parade in Manchester in 2007.

10 Weirdest (and Totally Cool) Pedal-Powered Gadgets Pedal-powered Submarine

From the “too cool for school” department, comes this new Japanese roller coaster that is powered by humans. It's called the Skycycle, and it's a pedal-powered rollercoaster that allows people to “shoot for the sky” as they ride side-by-side in bike-themed carts. The Skycycle is one of the most thrilling amusement park rides at Washuzan Highland Park in Okayama, Japan.

Been here... Not riding on a ferris wheel tho... Too much time to think about how high up it is!!

Here's an amphibious canoe that uses the wheels as paddlewheels with the stern wheel being a rudder.

Pedal Powered Ferris Wheel - a big extravagant, but a good way to stay in shape and more fun than a treadmill.

A ferris wheel gives passengers a scenic view of Lake Michigan during Milwaukee's Great Circus Parade Festival.

Pedal powered blender/coffee grinder/mixer from the Berlin-based designer Christoph Thetard.

The solution for obesity in children: a pedal powered schoolbus! De oplossing voor obesitas bij kinderen. En het is nog een Nederlandse vinding ook!