Will you marry me? LOVE! Will have to take pics like this of the guys! How cute!

Take a picture during each season of your first married year and frame them in four of the same frames for a nice display, cute idea!

Two photographers - one to get the bride's entrance, and one to capture the groom's reaction. This would make my heart melt...

After the rehearsal dinner -the last "single girl" kiss-- It'd be neat to have a last picture as an unmarried couple! Such a cute idea!

Hahaha cute idea:)

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I love this idea! A picture of the bride and groom BEFORE the wedding. Brilliant :)

Best man and Maid of honor love this idea

(LOVE) Grooms nightstand picture... Now that's so much better than a boudoir shot, it's actually able to be displayed...

Wedding Proposal Ideas

"50 Best Engagement Proposal Ideas...and five things to NOT do" SOMEONE SHOW MY FUTURE HUSBAND... SERIOUSLY.

This is so freaking cute- wedding proposal in a photobooth. I think I love all things involving photobooths

The bride with her dog

Cute idea! How you met the bride! Pharmacy school, pharmacy school, pharmacy school, sister, dorm neighbor. Lol

This is one shot every bride should have. The bride’s mom is seeing her for the first time in her gown. Such a happy moment for the both of you, every girl needs this.

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doing this......if i ever get married

Wedding photos in the groom's jacket :)

secret photographer for proposal. Dear future husband, please do this for me!

Bride and mother of the groom. must have picture!

The bride and groom