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  • Lacy Murphy

    "Not all fit women look like fitness models. Actually, 99% of them don’t. There are all shapes and sizes of fit women and female athletes in the world, from 90 lb. gymnasts, to 150 lb. sprinters, to 200 lb. shotputters, and everything in between. There are female athletes who are mentally or physically disabled but could kick my ass from here till next Tuesday. A great example of an elite athlete who doesn’t resemble a fitness model is Lynne Cox, the world’s best cold water distance swimmer. Cox is so hardcore that she swam to Antarctica without a wetsuit, and has amazed exercise physiologists with her ability to withstand near-freezing water temperatures. Frankly, I find her much more inspiring than the airbrushed cartoon bunnies on the cover of Shape magazine. Here’s an amazing photomontage that appeared in the unfortunately short-lived Sports Illustrated for Women many years ago. It features a selection of female Olympic athletes from different sports. That’s right — Olympic athletes. You can’t really be in much better shape than this. I think it speaks for itself." This article is fabulous - for all those girls out there who thinhk being skinny is the best thing ever. Being STRONG is better. Being fit doesn't mean you have to be under a certain weight and a certain body type. Everybody is built differently.

  • Rinehart Design Group Inc.

    Challenge the notion of a 'healthy women' - these are ALL healthy women.

  • Lauren Maiorino

    This makes you think! Who are the Olympic Athletes? They all are! Let's challenge the notion that thinness is the only indicator of health and fitness! It's all about the muscle ratio... how THIN are you really? And, are you really "that' FAT? FAT/THIN doesn't equal HEALTHY :) Let's strive to be healthy.... forget thin!

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