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  • Kelly Delaney

    Now this is a workout I can stick to that probably won't pull a muscle. LOL! And bonus, I'll live a long time which is good, cuz I got stuff to do

  • Sierra Faagai

    epic facts.

  • Roxanne

    @James Martin haha I think I added at least a year :P your funny.

  • Makena Wilkinson

    Crap! I'm gonna live for a long time

  • Kaylee Magz

    Good thing i laugh a lot!

  • Taya T

    laughing Sarah we are gonna live forever | this also probes grumpy people will die faster

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Speakers who can coax laughter out of an audience will always win the day.

SO TRUE! As soon as I have a good laugh, I feel like my bad day gets a "do over" and my mind and attitude clean up =)

Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but it will surely add life to your years.

My precious husband makes me laugh every single day we are blessed to enjoy together. Laughter is the perfect dose! @10jolie

Feeling sad? Smile, all by yourself, you'll feel much better... :) #Smile #Laugh #Therapy

There comes a point when you're so overworked that the stress tips you the other way and everything is hilarious. I have reached that point.

I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying.

Laugh till your stomach hurts...a fantastic way to spend time with friends..and if they can make you laught like this you;ve got some wonderful friends :)

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." e.e. cummings | Life is Beautiful