The Dark Knight Rises


Batman Rises

Omgosh I love this so much! All of the villains from my favorite super hero trilogy (: Although Selena did turn out to be good in the end :P

Ordinary batman adventures

The evolution of Batman

Dark Knight Rises by David Sharp, via Behance. #Batman -- like a reverse bat signal, Gordon knows Batman is out because he scares the bats out of the cave and Gordon sees them against the moon? If not in this story, in another one.

(Sodium * 16) + Batman limited edition t-shirt, this Saturday only!



The Dark Knight

get'em batman

Badass of all Badasses. Holmes + Zorro + Dracula = Batman

Batman, Dark Knight Rises.

Rice, Batman. Rice.

The Dark Knight

The Joker, in quotes (The Dark Knight)

Looking at this I can tell you * EXACTLY* who the next Dark Knight should be! ;-)


The Dark Knight Rises

Fuck you. I'm Batman.