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What makes this work, besides the tight color relationship in the blues, is the outlining of the multiple layers. This could be a handsome project for very young children if you control the palette when they create the papers.

امكانيات رائعة لألوان الماء والمهم الفنان الذي يوظف هذه الإمكانيات !! Watercolor gorge

  • Dr.Talaat Refaat

    حياكم الله أخي صالح ، وأشكر لك كلماتك الجميلة ،،، ولا عجب فقد لاحظت أنك إما تكتب الشعر أو على الأقل متذوق له ،،،

  • Saleh Al-Amri

    متذوق ياسيدي الفاضل، يستهويني جمال الكلمات وتشدني رقيق العبارات

  • Dr.Talaat Refaat

    قال صلى الله عليه وسلم " إن من البيان لسحرا ".....

  • Saleh Al-Amri

    اللهم صَلِِ وسلم على سيد الأولين والآخرين سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

  • Dr.Talaat Refaat

    آآآمييييييين .....

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Bird | Illustrator: Fantastic Hysteria - cargocollective.c...

Theo van Hoytema ....#peacock... odd that one of the most colorful birds is drabbed down.... #brown

Expressive Watercolor Washes. Abstraction. Composition. Shapes (geo-morphic). Colors (harmonies and contrasts). Texture. Layering. Juxtapositioning. (See Gude.) Tie thematically into felt qualities of an experience, music, dancing, dreaming... Look at Aboriginal Dreamings (dot paintings), Miriam Shapiro (I'm Dancing as Fast as I can), and Miro or Kandinsky. Watercolor painting fun, but is much harder to do well than you think.

Peacock. Our children used to pet our peafowl on their laps. They were so friendly, they would fall asleep under the girl's soft touch.

Four Leaf Clover Watercolour - reminds me on one I have, pressed in a library card, sadly with one leaf broken apart.

love the watercolors and pen sketching