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  • Louise Briggs

    Everyone can enjoy this as a homemade mobile ,just go to your local beach and choose the shells you like and have a "sally sells sea shells by the sea shore"theme =] #PampersPinParty

  • DeBera Hodges

    Sea Shell Wind Chimes - I love this idea! Will definitely put this up at my beach house ;)

  • Hetty Mck

    #seashells #windchime 🎶she sells sea shells on the sea shore🎶

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I first read of this amazing 'wind chime' as a DIY project. ~ After some online investigation I come to find out that it is a Vintage Crystal, very rare Windchime ~ I most likely would not be able to afford to go into the Store it is in (if it is in a store) So no DIY ~ Just amazing to the eye! *sigh*

Unique use of a common lid ... Nora Griffin van espen Join ♪ Ask to join with a Comment, spread the Word – Like, Repin, Comment on pins by others. ♪ ♫ If you want to be a contributor, just address your comment to Gloria Mladineo Villamarzo on any pin ♪ Share some of your favorite windchime images, Get inspired to make your own, Delight in the sound ♩ ♬ ♭♮

.Hanging by Susanne Hare Thin pieces of tin, aluminum, brass, in various pale colours, but the overall effect is light silver. Each rod is handmade. I've loved this thing since I was a kid - it hung outside, under cover on my parents' deck. Everything about it, the dimensions, shape of the drops, is perfect.

Seashell letter monogram. Mom, cute project to do with all your shells from Sanibel.

OMG HOW AWESOME!!! I have 2 lamps i can do this to... hm maybe bring back some of that stinged seashells and loop a few around...

shell wind chime, a great diy project after a day of collecting shells at the beach!

love wind chimes. this is so cute and I can make this

I saw a store selling windchimes made from old silver settings- i think i finally know what to do with some of the mismatched knick-knacks from my moms...

painted shells instead of candy in a fancy dish! Love this as a "thanks for combing by" keepsake!