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  • Christina Carignan

    LIME RIOT: Morse Code Wrap Bracelet - a great way to teach your Little about Morse Code and have secret messages for the two of you.

  • Rachel Olson

    This such a cool idea. Friendship bracelets. His and her bracelets. Mother and child and the list goes on and on. I love it! LIME RIOT: Morse Code Wrap Bracelet

  • Star Willow

    morse code bead bracelets. personalize with a special and secret message

  • Stephanie S

    morse code bracelets :: links to wrap bracelets on same site which has a link to youtube

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Cut lengths of 30cm colourful cotton threads, as many as you like. 2. Glue one end of each of the threads to make it easier to thread the crimps and beads.

Je n'ai pas trop compris l'histoire avec le code morse mais porté à plusieurs, ces bracelets ravissent le poignet !!!

Celebrate the bond that only sisters share, with these lovely Morse Code bracelets. Original Morse Code bracelets feature 14k Gold Filled

Love the look of intricate beaded bracelets? Don't have the time or patience to work with the teensy beads? Home Heart Craft shows you a faster way to get the look using puff paint on leather cuff bracelets -- fun!

Morse code necklace. Simple, easy and beautiful. I really like these!

to make this awesome bracelets..... but I would never have the patience - maybe someone else will!

hexnut bracelets... i could do this with ribbon, or hemp cord, or "leather" straps.

I might make more of these too... @Erica Wright will have to bring hers if we want to try to show and tell. But I need to make one for ME now!! DIY: Wrap Bracelets - I LOVE this, but I have yet to actually make one for me... I've only made them for friends so far!! I dubbed this one by new go-to birthday gift! OH! And the length was WAY TOO short! Measure it on your wrist before you cut!

Charm woven bracelets. Would love to try this one. Just wish it would have written instructions as well and would lead back to a regular webpage instead of more of the picture.