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Fermented Carrots Ingredients 12 medium carrots or enough to fill a 1/2 gallon mason jar 3 Tbsp kefir (where to buy), whey or fermented food starter (where to buy) 1 Tbsp sea salt (where to buy REAL salt) 2 tsp dill weed (where to buy spices) 4 cloves garlic (peeled) water to fill jar within 1/2 inch of the top

Fermented Foods + Spiced Fermented Lemons & Fermented Citrus Beets w/ Ginger

I can't believe I am about to publish a salsa recipe in December but you all asked for it! I picked up my CSA (a box of veggies we get weekly from a local farm ...

30 Day Fermented Foods Challenge! Open to everyone, starts March 15th! If you have always wanted to try fermenting, but not sure where to start, join us!

Seven fantastic fermented foods. LOVE Bonzai Aphrodite's blog!

Fermentatie als onderdeel van een gezonde maaltijd en ter ondersteuning van een gezonde darmflora.

(from culturedfoodlife) Here is a fermented vegetable that I eat often during cold and flu season because of the extra Vitamin C that is in it. The vitamin C is also increased by the process of fermentation.

Fermented/Cultured vegetable recipes: Cultured Salsa, Cortido (A Latin American Sauerkraut), Garlic Dill Cucumber pickles

Fermented Lemonade with Strawberry: 12 Lemons, 1 pound of Strawberries, 2½ quarts of Filtered or Spring Water, ¾ cup of Organic Sugar or Rapadura, 1 cup of whey, 1 gallon glass jar

Fermented and Raw Foods - Basic info on the why and how of nutrition. This site also includes basic info on Raw Milk, Real Meat, Real Eggs and so forth. Did you know preparing grains properly can increase their vitamin / mineral content availability by 300 - 500%? Read for more great info.