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    new beehive gift 1. Be grateful- thank you notes 2. Be smart- pencil 3. Be clean- hand sanitizer 4. Be true- candy heart 5. Be humble- ? 6. Be prayerful- prayer rock

    Centerpiece Idea for Pinewood

    How can I increase my testimony?

    Symbolism of the Sacrament. 8 Symbols from a talk given by John Bytheway- The best 3 hrs of the week.

    Personal progress/YW advancement dinner idea. -key to success suggestions

    Great mutual activity. YW make this chart and prepare it for FHE lesson (PP). Have in a bowl Q's: They pick one out and end the evening with them sharing: *How would you explain/teach someone about Joseph Smith? Q: What are some questions people of different faiths may have about Joseph Smith? Q: What stood out to you from our activity tonight about Joseph Smith?

    The Nogales Family

    LDS Young Women's Theme in ASL slowly. I think I am going to try to learn this

    Young Women Values Pillow- simple straight lines to sew. I made something like this when I was in YW long before values were focused on.... Sigh

    Fun Youth Activity

    Pudding Pictionary! And other fun group games. Could be fun as a youth activity! www.lets-get-toge... #lds #youngwomen

    Camp Certification: Constellations

    Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes lesson on modesty.

    Relief Society FAVORITE THINGS party! Sounds fun!

    Come Unto Christ: The Ultimate Invitation (Talk on CD) by John Bytheway. Some of Moroni's last words were an invitation to "come unto Christ." Some of us may feel too unworthy to RSVP to that invitation, but John Bytheway explains that it's not about distance, it's about direction. #LDS

    Jeanius Ideas for YW: Personal Progress Activity - LOVE these mutual ideas that go along with Personal Progress!!

    The talk that includes “’We stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things’—and in all prom dresses” is “Spiritual Power of Our Baptism” by Sister Carol B. Thomas in the April 1999 General Conference.

    Totally love this.

    Bishop Handout

    For the Strength of Youth Standards Fair at Let's Get Together-a great combined youth activity or Girls Camp activity that allows you to easily focus on specific needs. www.lets-get-toge... #lds #youth

    PRINTABLES - All 8 Beautiful LDS Temple Designs - YW Values Personal Progress

    Really great ideas on how to give a silent lesson! This is great for any teacher or parent!

    Over 20 Family Friendly Group Games - Or so she says...

    Holy Handouts: Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 27: Scripture Study