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  • fanny morton

    Olde English Sheepdog photo

  • Holly Elnes

    And what kind of country home would be complete without an old-english sheep dog..? :) so cute.

  • Foolish Giant

    Children's book about Old English Sheepdogs.

  • Laura Hiller

    Dog breed: English Sheepdog

  • Joan Strosin

    Had one back in the late '80s and early '90s -- Starbuck was his name. Sooo sweet and patient with me. Bobtail dogs (or Old English Sheepdogs) generally weigh 70 to 100 pounds(45 kg); females, 60 to 80 pounds. They stand around 22 inches at the withers. Their long coats can be any shade of gray, grizzle, blue, or blue merle, with optional white markings. The undercoat is water resistant. The Old English Sheepdog's abundant coat is an effective insulator in both hot and cold weather

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Just sitting here wishing that all dogs could live as well as I do. They all need forever homes so they could defend, be happy, be loyal and be a friend to the master or lady of our house.

Viejo Pastor Ingles Cachorro

Viejo Pastor Ingles Cachorro

Viejo Pastor Ingles Cachorro

♥ Pastor inglés, mi preferido!! old English sheep pup. sooo adorable

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Hermosos Cachorros Antiguo Pastor Ingles Blancos *