El dentista bromista

Bathroom subway art> I need to have a sign like this in one of my bathrooms! I mean, I am going to be a Dental Assistant. :)

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Dental Cupcakes!

Tooth necklace - the dental assistant in me thinks I need this!

Everytime I went out with my friends for dinner and we would talk about work....they would always skip me. Oh..I was working in an endo lab where we would do colonscopies so yes my stories were always gross:D

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Dentists can enhance their practice by making use of some best dental applications. All these apps can be used in dentistry in multiple aspects such as filling patient’s forms, record keeping, educating patients and more.

Minion dentists!

Play Mobile dental office set

Dentist Dental Hygienist Post Cards

Molar Anatomy

Tooth Numbering System Dentists have a specialized notation systems for when they discuss and write about specific teeth. Each tooth is assigned a number and is therefore more convenient to reference. http://www.topdentist-ny.com/tooth-numbering

Dentists can be funny!

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Too hard, Lester. You're brushing way too hard.

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