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Tooth Numbering System Dentists have a specialized notation systems for when they discuss and write about specific teeth. Each tooth is assigned a number and is therefore more convenient to reference. http://www.topdentist-ny.com/tooth-numbering

Baby Teeth Growing Sequence #Dentist #dentaltown #hygienist Google+

dentist Play-Doh! I also played with this as a kid. You can see why I am the way I am.

i HATE the dentist - even more than the orthodontist!!!

Dental Cupcakes!

This is what can happen when a 3rd molar ‘wisdom tooth’ is left in too long. It tried to erupt up and through a perfectly good second molar tooth in front of it, which dissolved the back half of the tooth, so now they both had to come out.

dr. frederic gaudett, traveling dentist advertising poster, jefferson county, ny, 1883

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Tooth work

I want to see this in a dentist office. I'd go to that dentist forever.

Dentist Barbie

Dental humor. Seriously laughing so hard right now at this one. lol hahaha :D #dentist #dental #dental humor #dental hygiene #dental hygienist #dental office

Hit the road plaque. Joke T-shirt for dentists, hygienists, assistants. Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, TX @ kids-teeth.com

The Progress of Periodontal Diseases

Who wore it better ..lol I can't stop laughing.. I was a dental assistant so this made me bust up.

Dentist Onesie

Molar teeth wedding cake toppers