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Free Rug Rules Poster this will help managing rug time with respect, manners, and guidelines. Most students think rug time is play time so this will be a great way to manage rug time.

Sharpen the Saw

Ordinary Marys Extraordinary Deed is just one example of many books listed - Teaching Children about Random Acts of Kindness

great take home folder- Could easily be adapted for older kids.  Love the class list sticky and the important numbers. Love the place to include spelling words.  Cool idea!

Create your own student Take Home Folders. homework help sheets, parent communication forms, etc. She includes all the FREE printables you need to make one for your kids.

Teaching good social skills starting at a young age will help them develop and recognize better behavior for the rest of their life.  You can never teach to much about social skills!

Did you know that social skills are important for a child preparing for kindergarten? Find a book that you can share with your child to help develop the necessary social skills. 25 books that teach social skills.

Getting kids into more non-fiction. I'll post a crazy fact a day, and if they can bring in a fact for me and show me where they read it (any non-fiction resource, print or digital) I'll put it up for the day with their name. I'm hopeful I can hook them!  {image only}...what a great idea!!

If student can bring in a fact and show where they read it (any non-fiction resource, print or digital) put it up on the "Did You Know?" board for the day with their name - great idea to get kids reading nonfiction

Its the last week of school and Mrs. Hartwells class is excited to leave for summer vacation. The only problem is that the kids dont want their teacher to miss them while theyre gone. Once again Julie Danneberg and Judy Love bring to life the crazy antics of Mrs. Hartwell and her class and show that teachers and students are more alike than different.

For a teacher: First Day Jitters (Julie Danneberg), How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Mark Teague), and Last Day Blues (Julie Danneberg). I love the idea of using Last Day Blues as a springboard for a fun writing assignment the first week of school.