Cute coasters. Pattern here

most crocheted: DIY crocheted coasters - have pinned this multiple times - time to make it!

Onderzetters Coasters pattern:

Onderzetters Coasters pattern:

flower- I hope I can find the pattern for this one.  It's really pretty.

This is a pattern/tutorial to show you how to make this Happy Flower wall hanging. You can read more about the design and making of the original decoration in this post. I'm using a cotton yarn to make this decoration,.

It has been an interesting exercise to review an earlier creation and write a pattern for it.  The terminology is in English/Australian, a...

Intermediate- Groovy Textiles: Special Request Crochet Pattern -- (The English dtr stitch in this pattern is the US tr stitch.

Pyssel o fix: Mönster på Summer Lace Bunting

Mönster på Summer Lace Bunting

När jag la upp bilder på de trianglar i spets jag gjort var det flera som…