Priceless...the good old days!!! No take out meals. We were all at the table even if we did not want to eat. Kids cleaned up after meals that Mom cooked.

Sharecropper Lonnie Fair and his family praying before meal. Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Scott, Mississippi,1936.

Vintage photo of farm hands eating lunch during harvest circa 1940.

USA, 1956. By Wayne Miller

Eating together at the table.

Buffy & Mrs. Beasley!

God is great..God is good..Let us thank Him for our food. By His hands, we are fed. Give us Lord our Daily Bread..Amen.

1940s illustration

1940's Real, Actual Eat-in Kitchen

A North Carolina mountain farm in the early twentieth century. This family grew tobacco for cash and dried fruit for their use and to trade with neighbors.

Sunday Gatherings on the Church grounds. We called it "Homecoming". What great food...what wonderful memories!

Happy Days

McDonald's Menu 1962 Ad

Depression: 1936 Christmas dinner of potatos, cabbage and pie.

We had Prayer in school

1950s mother feeds a baby seated in a high chair while the father dries his hands and smiles at their son and daughter, who are eating at a small table in a kitchen.

I remember when we would all head out to the porch after dinner...

The Partridge Family

New York: Tenement family in the kitchen 1915. WOW and we complain everyday. We have no clue! Vintage, photo, children, mother, decay, poverty, history.

the waltons.. My very favorite TV show from my growing up years. Wish they still had shows like this!!!

My Three Sons