VS Hair - You want to section off your hair in 3 sections: One in the middle like a mohawk and the other two on the sides of your "mohawk" section. Starting with your "mohawk" section, begin to curl about 2 inch sections of hair away from your face with your 1 1/2 inch curling iron (try to mimic Alessandra in the photo). After every section you curl, take your 1 1/2 inch rollers (I noticed VS uses velcro) and apply it to the section that you just curled. Do this for the rest of your hair.

How to get VS model waves & volume at home! - I really need to buy some hot rollers...

only 1 sock required to curl hair! Must try this! Did this and it works :)

Peinados - Hairstyles - Bantu Knot Curls | 37 Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Little Girls

Perfect color.


cascading curls

INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Find your side part. Either side will do. 2, 3, 4 5) You鈥檙e going to curl ALL of your hair inward toward your face (as Lauren does above) and clip the curls in place with large setting clips. Mist all over with a light-medium holding hairspray. Let them cool while you put on your makeup. Multi-Tasking!! Give it atleast 15 minutes to cool and set. 6) Gently pull the c...

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cute hair

Love her hair!!!


Sock bun curls...do what the video says with damp hair and another sock over it.

Big curls with long side bangs.

I'm repinning this for all my friends that always ask me about my hair. also, I don't use any clipless curling irons. you can use any curling iron bc the heat goes through.

dutch side braid- love

French Braid Mohawk. Sweet.


get dolled up with our flash bobbi pins in gold glitter and cantaloupe!

♥ hair!