transform dollar store glasses into anthropologie-inspired confetti glasses.

Hand dotted tumblers (using a Q-Tip!!!!)— so easy to make!

Glitter easy!

(1) Buy plates from Dollar Store, (2) Write things with a Porcelain 150 Pen, (3) baked for 30 mins in the oven and its permanent. by eugenia

rubber bands wrapped around the vases, then spray it with the craft spray that 'etches' the glass & remove bands. (easy)

Dollar store wine glasses dipped in chalkboard paint. I want to try this!

Dollar Store Stove Burner Covers Into a Tiered Tray. Perfect for cupcakes!

EASY Watercolor-Style Coffee Mug - Must try this!

Decorative Jar Tutorial - turn those ugly peeps into pretty ones. Great Spring craft - look beyond the crappy dollar store paint jobs :)

Did you know you can make cool DIY marbled mugs with nail polish? It's easy and you can have gorgeous mugs in minutes that cost less than a dollar each!

Easy ribbon organization!

What a unique way to create a holiday glow! I was delighted to come across this unique winter craft created by SaltTree- simply made with a mason jar, miniature street light found at a dollar store (that really lights up!), glue, white glitter, and fake snow.  I think these would make special holiday night lights or look great on a Christmas mantle

Christmas Gifts this year.

Dollar Store Crafts

DIY glitter Starbucks cup!

DIY Confetti Bowl

Valentines Day Wine Glasses made with dollar store wine glasses

How To: Turn a Bookcase Into a Bar. Potential use for my old bookcase!

glass jars + twine + spray paint :)

Fun DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soaps - Great for DIY Kids Party Favors

This is a great idea~ make a cake stand with dollar store plates and glasses too.