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No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving - Fitness Exercise Workout Quote. Exercise in the Morning Before Your Brain Figures Out What You're Doing.

obsessed is a word the lazy call the dedicated - Google Search

"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated." - You've got to love thst quote! Don't let the naysayers dim yoir shine or pull down your work ethic.

Reason to be fit

i hate the worry, i don't want to be model skinny but i want to feel comfortable, other skinny woman's bodies dont motivate me because thats not how MY body is. MY body will always be different than a models.

eating healthy is so hard! have to keep on trying constantly and try to make each day better than the one before.

Junk food < body you want I'm not a big junk food eater, but I can replace it with the idea of "whatever you've been craving for an hour < the body you've wanted for years.

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Total Body Transformation

just my highest weight? no way, I pledge I will never see the scale even at the half way point to my highest weight! oh ya baby!

Just do it by kaky

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3. Never #Overnight - Want to Lose Weight? #Inspiring Quotes to Hang on… #Leafy

Motivational Quotes, You Have To Believe You Can Do It Diet And Realizing It Is Not Going To Happen Overnight Weight Loss Motivational Quotes ~ Daily Weight Loss Motivational Quotes And Sayings For Dieters

Healthy habits

It's all about creating healthy habits, rather than restrictions. I like this- habits are things you like to do over and over again, not things you "can't" do or "cheat" on.


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