Camila do Rosário

Camila do Rosário - Camila's drawings will leave you amazed. This young fashion student from Brazil is one to keep an eye on, from her collages to her amazing moleskin's.

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Original Art: Camila Do Rosario – AphroChic – Modern Home Decor, African American Global Accessories for Contemporary Spaces with Modern Soulful Style

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"Living from my art is my greatest success" In one of my previous posts I talked about delightful illustrations created by fashion illustrator Sandra Suy. Because I simply found her artwork brilliant,.


Print from original watercolor and pen fashion illustration by Jessica Durrant titled, The Girl Who Loved Vintage from Jessica Illustration

'Scarf' illustration by Carol Farrell #ElementEdenArtSearch

Illustration - illustration - Scarf Limited Edition Watercolor Print by CarolFarrell illustration : – Picture : – Description Scarf Limited Edition Watercolor Print by CarolFarrell -Read More –