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Altered Alchemy is a place where I share my work in mixed media jewelry and handmade books, as well as other images that inspire me. Thank you for dropping by, I hope this sanctuary inspires you as much as it does me ...

When you have a dream of becoming like him or her, of becoming rich and powerful, to gain talent, knowledge or fame, and you wake up at noon and still watch TV; sorry if I burst your bubble my friend but your dream is not going to happen

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“There is a very hard bonding between Tears and Rain, often both fall together in happiness and rain. Samar Sudha”


"The newcomer needs fire his knees are numb. A man who has made his way over mountains needs food and fresh linen." - Hávamál| Hail, I'm Adam, a Pagan explorer from England. Rest well and travel far, friends. |

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“La liberté d'opinion et d'expression” = freedom of opinions and speech