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  • Angie Dyer

    Sea otter | SEA OTTERS!!!! The Otter One! Cute Baby Animals! <3 for FB!

  • Stephanie Knebel

    baby otters, so cute #baby #animals #otters

  • Frances Hernandez

    Baby Otters: level of cuteness = astronomical. I think I may have pinned this already, but these two cuties deserve two pins!!

  • Abbey Kratzat

    Baby otters! They never cease to make me smile or squeal with delight.

  • Marcie Hutt

    MY class is going to LOVE learning about sea otters! who could resist these cute critters?!

  • Lynnette Miller

    Baby otters. So Cute I want a pet one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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