pop up booth.


The new Koskela showroom at Rosebery – photographs Anson Smart

Proprietor Sarah Shannon in her new store, Mynd Interiors. Styling – Julia Green, photo – Armelle Habib.

love this desk, custom paint, and lighting for the store

Sunshine Park Bakery {retail inspiration} chalkboards...

I don't know this one - but hey, I don't like fraozen yoghurt. Cool chalkboard back though. Frozz, Amsterdam

chalkboard wall

The MATCH lighting fixture has been used on the ground floor to highlight the reception desks and the bar.Its light structure does not clash with the background and allows to enhance the lighting. Its design is both pure and neutral.


The most fashionable places to dine in New York... Restaurants

Design firm Brandon Agency together with interior designer Anna Domovesova have created Simple, a casual fast-food restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine.

We find there's more to the Emerald Isle than some stereotypes and its famed capital...


coltrane unique ceiling dining custom lamp

shop | "folklore" | london

temporary design: Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar by Hassell

ACK! I would totally do this in the shop! LOVE this idea for like coffee names, or countries, or something...


Reception Area