whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend | whoever said that diamonds are a girl s best friend never owned a dog


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In nowadays, many parents are happy that their kids have the opportunity to have a dogs. children and dogs are the best of friends, as close as siblings and love each other unconditionally. This will be an amazing experience in your baby’s life. The following 24 photos that demonstrate that dogs and babies are best friends.

Dog House Rules...x3


No matter how crappy your day is, there is always a happy face waiting for you to get home. <3 <3 <3 I love my dogs!

- my Wizzer would DEF lick you to death. Pitbulls and their unconditional love. It isn't quite like any other dog's. This I know to be so very true. I miss my Wizzer. She was a super dog, mom, friend, grandmother, stepmom, daughter, protector and cuddler.

Seriously though........

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I love dogs's photo: I get this in stereo every morning.


My best bud

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A six year old explains why dogs don't live as long as humans. So sweet!!! This is why I love kids & animals!

So sweet

Dog lessons for people

So very true.