Frenchman Fernand Moulet on the Tourmalet during the 1927 Tour de France, well before the derailleur was introduced to the race.

Retro Tour de France shot

coffeeandbikes: “ Col De Madaleine in Le Tour De France number They don’t stop and look like this anymore ”

Tour de France 1949 Fausto Coppi followed closely by Gino Bartali

Fler Tour de France fotografier av prestigefyllda Presse Sports – L'Équipe finns nu i galleriet. TOUR DE FRANCE 1949 Stage 17 Briancon/Aoste The two Italian champions Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali escaped into the Alps. Coppi leads over Bartali,

Modern shower for bikeriders when is it to hot (via @f_cancellara)

cadenced: “ Aldo Ronconi gets a soaking during the 1947 edition of the Tour de France.

A bicycle fit for two…Pete Williams and his backseat driver, Molly, photographed by Pascal Beauvais

Only recommended for an experienced rider and pet :) Man with his dog.and both of them with their Schwinn!

Anquetil y Poulidor

Preparation+Visualisation+Courage+Hard stinking Work=Success Raymond Poulidor and Jacques Anquetil in the Alps, 1966 Tour de France.

Vintage Tour de France

No carbon fiber or modern gearing, these athletes pedaled heavy steel bikes.

Tour de France - 1969

Tour de France - 1969 (Within a certain short distance of the finish line, a racer need only cross the finish to place, even if not on his bike.