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  • Shana Maria Weaver

    Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Set - When I get a house, I AM GETTING THIS!!!

  • Morgan Anderton

    Doctor Who TARDIS Refrigerator! So getting this when I have my own house!!!

  • Cheshire Public Library

    Doctor Who fans may remember this picture of a refrigerator that’s been modified to look like the TARDIS, or at least a traditional British police box. It turns out that the people who made that fridge are selling kits so you can have your own TARDIS fridge at home too.

  • Shannon Willbanks

    TARDIS refrigerator!! Okay, I try really hard not to pin inordinate amounts of Dr. who stuff, but this is TOTALLY awesome and clever and i love it ^^ I would so do this to the fridge in our family room.

  • Butter Fly

    doctor-who-overdose: Tardis Fridge. K.F. Kirwin is a horror and urban fantasy writer owned by a Welsh Corgi named Princess. Follow her (twitter name) @KittyCorgi. She is a fellow whovian. Tardis FridgeClick for the best DoctorWho tumblr ever. I want this fridge! 8 Days until Dr. Who and Christmas.

  • Cari Walsh

    Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Skin - Take My Paycheck - | The coolest gadgets, electronics, geeky stuff, and more!

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