Solid Gold Used to be my favorite show!!!

The Solid Gold dancers!

Solid Gold is an American syndicated music television series that debuted on September 13, 1980.


oldie but goodie. This was when I was older but was a true family favorite. The noise probably drove my mom nuts! It was another good vacation toy because this was the only part - - and it was too big to lose!

Gold stars♥

that's the way we becameeeeeeeeeee the....

measuring your foot at the shoe store

Pen Bracelets

rainbow brite

Loved the farm (when you opened the barn door, it made a mooing sound!). Also had the yellow house, airplane, houseboat, school house and village. Mom was able to save most of them, and nephew loves them!

Another TV show

paper dolls!!! My fav

Buck Rogers

Cassette Player - I used to record Solid Gold by setting the player next to the TV and then I could re live the episode over and over again!

Loved Little House on the Prairie as a kid - wanted to be Laura Ingalls - and wound up being a bit of a pioneer after all ;)