Rose Tree

Gorgeous! Tahiti Sunrise Rose Tree


10 Most Beautiful Roses

Sedum spurium 'Tricolor'. Creeping Stonecrop. Ground cover plant - especially good for hot, dry sites with poor soil. Also good for pots & mixed containers. Deciduous.

Purple Wisteria Tree (grows in zone 9) • Drought tolerant, so you don't have to water • Pest & disease resistant- no spraying! • Fragrant blooms you can smell from a distance

Clematis growing on a wire frame around the tree. I want to do this on the tree in my front yard.

Rose covered gate

Pretty!! Knockout roses and hostas planted along fence. Low maintenance and beautiful!

Snowball viburnum

Flowering trees

Yellow Climbing Rose Bushes | climbing roses are of different types we all know climbing roses for ...

I need to do this with some of my trees!!!

Dwarf gingko tree

Rose Tree, Weeping Red

Put a couple of pennies in the soil with your hydrangeas to turn them blue

Love this landscape idea!

Topiaried rosemary - easy and stunning

Regrow roses!!! "My neighbor has a row of roses, which he took as cuttings. I asked how he took them. He simply plunges the cuttings into the ground. But his secret of success is the humble potato! Before planting cuttings, he pushes the bottom end into a small potato, which he believes keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots. It sounds crazy, but his row of allotment roses is proof it works." (quote from link)