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    AIR - Amazing Clouds. (****Reminds me of a nudibranch.)

    • Kat Haynes

      "This is NOT a picture of clouds..It is snow. "Old man winter still blowing at your back - Shirley Haden" Follow link to see Original..." ~K~ when I first saw this I thought it was a bowl of ice cream... musta been hungry....

    • T w e e t y : )

      Old man winter still blowing at your back - Shirley Haden (via the absolute PHOTO blog…)

    • Abby Silver

      Strange cloud formation, looks like ice cream

    • Cindy Bailey

      Looks like a sky full of vanilla ice cream!

    • Eileen Kay

      mother natures' design rooms

    • Susan W

      A beautiful cloud formation

    • Doria

      Amazing cloud formations

    • Sarah Rippey


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    Sunset from above the clouds. I love, love, love staring at the sky!!! One of my favorite of God's creation 😊

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