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JB pop-Eggs
JB pop-Eggs • 1 year ago

May 7, 1994- In just under three months 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch was recovered by police. On February 12 of that year the painting was stolen from the National Museum in Oslo. It took a mere 50 seconds for two thieves to break-in through a window, cut the security wire attached to the painting, and leave a note. It read: "Thousand thanks for the bad security!” In 1996 four men were convicted in connection with the theft. (This Week in History ~JB pop-Eggs)

  • JB pop-Eggs
    JB pop-Eggs • 1 year ago

    Bonus Fact: Paal Enger, one of the four men found guilty, had been convicted previously in 1988 for stealing "The Vampire" - yet another of Munch's works. Proving once again that some people just don't learn.

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