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  • Melanie Kearns

    How could parents ensure that their children were getting sunlight and fresh air when living in apartment buildings? The baby cage, ca. 1937 And other amazing historical photos

  • Amanda Scanameo

    Baby cages for 1930s apartment families who wanted their children to get enough sunlight...."shocking and hilarious vintage photos"

  • Sarah Sweeney

    I need an outdoor window cage for my pets! Baby cages used to ensure that children get enough sunlight and fresh air when living in an apartment building, ca. 1937

  • Adylen Cuellar

    Baby cage, 1937 (old photos of London). Yes, people built cages outside the windows of their apartments or 2nd story homes so children could hang out and get fresh air. It wasn't a cruelty, it was truly thought to be a solution to the problem of little ones being stifled in their homes.

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Another view of the baby cage. Let's hope that Daddy read the instructions! Illustration from 1923 Popular Science Monthly.

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Westminster Underground Station, London, 1937, by E. O. Hoppe

Baby Cage, 1937 The Baby Cage was designed to let your kids get some sun lights even if a patio is not available in your apartment.

Selfridges, Oxford Street, seen from Balderton Street. 1937

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That is the trouble with babies, they do attract the flies. Still, not a problem with DDT. And you don't have to worry about them at those difficult teenage years either - they wont live that long.

hipnerd: Patented in the 1920s in the US but popularized in the UK during the 1930s, the Baby Cage was designed for city dwellers who were ...

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c. 1937. Asbestos turned out to be the deadliest mineral ever used by man. Despite this, it is still mined in some countries (Canada only stopped asbestos mining recently in 2011).