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Super Mario Cake: Its a circle cake, then another circle cake cut in half for his hat. A red paper plate for the bill of his hat, a cupcake for his nose, and extra cake pieces for his ears. Then icing and make it Mario. I used Vanilla icing adding red, yellow and green to make a beige color.

Paper plate banner red dessert plates from dollar store, green curling ribbon also from dollar store, and acrylic paints. I will curl the ends once its hung up for party.

The Good Dinosaur Edible Birthday Cake Topper OR Cupcake Topper, Decor

CAKE TOPPER SIZE 10 x (half sheet) rectangular inches 8 x sheet) rectangular inches x rectangular inches round inches round inches cupcakes pieces/sheet) inche

This cake is a frozen Pepperidge Farm chocolate cake. Its about four dollars and you can keep in your freezer till usage. Its normally a square shape but I cut it to look more oval like a face. Then I took chocolate icing and re-iced the cake. Then added red sugar sprinkles. After that I free hand drew with a black icing can Darth Maul's black marks on his face. Then I used Peach rings and Red sixlets for the eyes. Bugles chips for his horns.

The Free Good Dinosaur Printable Party Pack includes Invitations Thank You Cards Food Tent 8 x 10 Welcome Sign Water Bottle Wrapper Birthday Party Hat Goodie Bag / Candy Bag Toppers Cupcake Wrapper Cupcake Topper DIY Cupcake Tower Printable and Instructions Birthday Party Gift Idea’s (Click on the image download}

Red Nose Day Cupcakes

#RedNoseDay cupcakes can't just be red! They need faces! And berries galore! Organize your FUN-raiser and learn more about the big day by visiting | Red Nose Day USA

Mario bros party - cupcakes with chocolate coins, decorated like a question block. // maybe brownies?

I took white icing mixed in red and yellow to make orange. Then added a little bit of blue until I reached desired tint. Her mouth is red heart sprinkles. I bought these after Valentine's Day on clearance. Oreo's are her buns and chocolate icing finishes off her hair, eyes, and nose. It also hides the white of the Oreo.