how to make a scarf

7 scarves for 7 days! I started sewing my first scarf yesterday & only thought I would make 2-3, I ended up making 7!!! Once you start pinning, a scarf can be completed in around 15-20 minutes!!!...

This is another easy DIY scarf tutorial that you can make using an old shirt. Cut the shirt into square pieces, and sew together, making a snake-like scarf. Very easy. Maggie and Renee may like this...

#T-Shirt #scarf Donovan was getting rid of some old shirts so I cut 2 of them into a ruffle scarf I saw on 'Studio 5'

HAVE to do this!

there are some really easy scarf on here! I I know what I am doing for easy Christmas presents!

DIY Infinity Scarf

tutorial for this absolutely fantastic, easy, and cheap scarf! made of tshirt weight, jersey material and 2 yrds. makes 4-6 scarves, so make one for you and several for gifts!

How to make a cool scarf.

easy peasy ruffly scarf, with yarn! BRILLIANT!!!

T-shirt scarf.


Ruffled Scarf tutorial

$3 DIY Scarves....wonder if I can recruit Ashley for this..? ;-)



32 Easy-To-DIY Scarves To Suit Every Style