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Birds are Aves, which is part of the clade Theropoda, which is in Saurischia, which is in Dinosauria. Those birds outside our windows are dinosaurs. We can clear out the rest of our brains because we now have the best fact.

Brains aside, I wonder how many poorly-written scripts will break on this title (or ;;"''{<<[' this mouseover text."

I *do* hear that they're the most comfortable thing to wear on your feet since sliced bread.

My decal set has no adults, just a sea of hundreds of the little girl figures closing in around a single cat.

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Just gym

This is what goes on at the gym...hahahahahahaha

90's Flow Chart @Loretta Obuchowski Pellizzer Georgiadis - how awesome is this hahahha


Well said, Bob, well said…

Ever make mistakes in life? "Let's make them birds. Yeah, they're birds now." ~ Bob Ross, the awesome

"I just caught myself idly trying to work out what that resistor mass would actually be, and realized I had self-nerd-sniped." What circuit diagrams looked like to me when I first saw them in physics class.