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"You don't know where you're going, Harold! Let's ask these gentlemen!" ~Last words of Edith Finkleberg

My girlfriend and I found an abandoned school bus in the woods. I put on a bunny mask. - Imgur

Chapter 2- Behind the Bookcase ...there's a long corridor with two doors on each wall and one on the end. The place looks like it hasn't seen a duster or a vacuum in decades. There's cobwebs that form a low canopy from the ceiling and the candelabra on the walls are tarnished. Odd, creepy paintings line the walls between the doors....The air is thick and a foul odor of the stench of death and decay is present... This place gives me the heeby-jeebies for sure.

I'll never walk across another set of railroad tracks without thinking of this..

Desolate "Ghost in The Woods" by Fraser via Frank Zumbachs Mysterious World s p o o k y

The rush of the crowd bustling down the street seems a series of particles to those standing and watching in real time. Strip away color and let time lapse, though, and the effect is downright spooky – haunted urban centers, crisp in backdrop but populated with ominous ghouls.

As things begin to get weird, the light could become grey to indicate there is something very wrong

in my dreams, blue hallways like this one usually have other people attending parties on the other side of the doors. i am either not invited to these parties, or deliberately choosing not to enter them. the music is jazz. the mood is nostalgic.

I love creepy woods pictures in black and white....