What lurks within the trees? Photographer Colin Campbell notes that whenever he takes this path through the woods in Bruiach, Scotland, a solitary figure seems to wait for him at the end, disappearing as he gets close.

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A stroll in the woods dark and deep teaches one scale and reflections to keep. ~ Ancient Forager. --> (Photo: Peter Holme)

Foggy Moonlit Forest, Perfect for a stroll into the silence every step guided by the moons light.

I remember seeing this exact kind of place a while ago at this one cabin. It was even prettier than this, but it can't hurt to pin something that reminds me of it!


Path in winter forest

A lone figure in the distance

walking into the fog

The path

LIVING FOREST - © 2012 Peter Lik Fine Art Photograph

I finally got to the edge of the line of my journey, and animals and insects were singing their song of the night."This is the place! Where is he?" I asked myself. I looked around the spooky road. I looked back and fourth to left and right. I saw no one nor heard. Then all the singing stopped. I froze at my place. Something was wrong. Shivers ran down my spine. "I'm here." He sang.

Just make the pools a little bigger, the trees greener, and you have the woods between the worlds!


... in the dead of the night I awoke in a foggy forest, a fog I had never before seen before....


I love how it seems like something could walk out of that fog at any moment...

Beautiful Nature

Slenderman where are you??