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One thing I really admire about Zayn is that he opened up about his anxiety, and in doing so brought attention to it as an issue. It doesn't get enough attention, in my opinion. Many people struggle with it, including myself. I was able to overcome much of my anxiety as a student leader in college, and in turn helped other students who had anxiety. Thank you, Zayn, for bringing attention to anxiety. Please continue to do so, as will I, so we can raise anxiety awareness everywhere.

You Know What I Admire? The Fact You Could Take Me As I Am. You Learned To Deal With My Bullshit. I Know I'm A Difficult Person To Deal With At Times But Yet, You Still Stick Around. The Fact That You Accept My Flaws And Insecurities Makes Me Know You Truly Care About Me. I Have My Days Where I'm Moody, Bitchy, Grouchy, Etc, But You Never Once Let That Get In The Way Of Our Conversations. You're One Of The People That I Admire For Accepting Me For Who I Am WIthout Judging Me

Thank God he's not leaving. It wouldn't be the same!

Princess Diana - I admire her for her character and that she worked to help people no matter who they were and what they did.

kudos! The president photographer did I a good job on this photo.