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    Not a bad idea, as the water tables rise. Original pinner said, "We started seeing these Water Mats at Lake of the Ozarks last summer. I actually saw people sitting in lawn chairs on them! How cool are these?!?!"

  • V Olson

    Floating mat for summer lake fun!!! Wish they weren't so expensive! Crazy!!

  • Hilary Thien

    Awesome....wish we could afford one! The one we saw at Beaver Lake looked like a lot of fun.

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After seeing this, my summer was a waste of time…

Water mat. You can lie on it, and play on it, tan on it, and it won't sink!

OMG I WANT ONE! Giant Sandless Beach Mat. Sand and water are instantly filtered through as soon as they fall on this mat's surface - and it can't re-emerge back through the bottom!

Seriously clever! A headlamp around a gallon of water = ambient light for your tent and a great night lamp when the power is out.

Home should always be a Retreat... especially when you live in the Catskill Mountains ;) Need, "Mountain House Rules"

I like this sign and then add "Lake Michigan, Great Lakes Naval Base" and a picture of Larry jumping in doing the polar bear plunge.

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Okay - I need this sign for my yard "YARD RULES" - minus the fishing part. Unless you count using a princess fishing pool with a plastic crown to fish for our cat!