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On the night of the sinking, Isidor and Ida Straus were standing near Lifeboat No. 8 with Mrs. Straus's maid, Ellen Bird. Although the officer in charge was willing to allow all three on the lifeboat, Isidor refused to go so as long as there were women and children on the ship. He urged his wife to board but she refused, saying, "We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go". Isidor and Ida were last seen sitting together on deck chairs when a huge wave washed over them. #love

Women operate stock boards at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The Waldorf was the first to employ women in its various departments, in order to release men for war work, 1918.

The most untalked about, unappreciated, unknown giant in the African American community - Vivien_Thomas was an African-American surgical technician who developed the procedures used to treat blue baby syndrome in the 1940s.

Isidor and Ida were well known amongst the first class passengers aboard the Titanic making their fortune from Macy's department store in New York. They were married for 41 years when the Titantic sank. While the boat was sinking Ida was urged to board a lifeboat, however, she refused to leave her husband's side, instead giving up her place to her maid. They were last seen on the deck of the Titantic in a tight embrace. Their funeral grew a large crowd and there's still a monument…

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18 Holocaust Rescuers: Their Movies and Memoirs

18 Righteous Holocaust Rescuers | Le Chaim (on the right)

Alice Paul went on a hunger strike where she was force fed raw eggs (down her nose) until she vomited blood. She was then put into a sanitorium with the hopes of being declared insane. Her doctor's reply said, “Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.” Suffrage passed 3 years later.

John George (Jack) Phillips was born on April 11, 1887. He was the Chief wireless operator on the TITANIC. On the night of the sinking, The R.M.S. Californian sent him an ice warning and the message was so loud, that Jack said "Shut up, Shut up, I'm busy!" Jack Phillips supposedly worked at the telegraph until water started coming in. He then went to the stern where he jumped and climbed upon Collapsible B. He is believed to have later died of exposure. In any case, his body was never…


A powerful story of overcoming obstacles…

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London East End: The pictures, taken by photographer Horace Warner 100 years ago in Spitalfields in London’s East End, were later used by social campaigners to illustrate the plight of the poorest children in London.