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How To Adjust White Balance - Using a Gray Card - We have all seen them, maybe you even bought one but have you used it? What to know how to acutally use it? Read/Watch here -

The Top 10: Simple Bridal Poses #designaglow

Family portrait idea..

Love for grandchildren and great grandchildren is indescribable... Praise God!

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If only I could get my son to so this!

24 Weddings That Really Brought The Wow Factor With Lighting | Bridal Guide

I am so going to make this for Jessica!

Modern Wedding Ideas And Invitations

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919837_669253766435151_794819230_o.jpg 938×1,280 pixels-from love for all seasons facebook page. Would make a beautiful setting for portrait photography

Mapping Portraits – La série « Projections » est le fruit d’une belle collaboration entre le photographe anglais Mads Perch et la directrice artistique Gemma Fletcher : des portraits d’un homme et d’une femme avec des mappings projetés sur leurs visages. Une série très esthétique faisant écho à son projet Abstract Mirrors qui déconstruit également les corps et visages.

Can I please?! hahaha #wedding

Ideas para fotos originales de embarazo, ¿Te animas? - Mamá y maestra

Christmas photo card idea.cute

Next time I'm at a beach!

Cute picture idea (Backwoods Home Magazine Newsletter - January, 2013)

Fiddle and Spoon | THE PIE PROJECT | mini apple and honey galettes |

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This cracks me up! What a great & unusual engagement announcement.