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If your child leaves their things lying around, you get to put them in Clutter Jail! To get their item out, your child must draw one of the Clutter Jail Community Chest cards and complete the task

Clutter Jail. If the kids leave it out, it goes in the clutter jail and they have to draw a card out of the community chest and complete the task to get their stuff back. Free printables! So doing this. Great way to teach responsibility. This beats threatening to throw away the toys :)

iMOM Little Clutter Jail Printable Kids lose their toys for not picking up, then draw from the Community Chest Cards to earn back their toys

Messy kids? 25 amazing tips on how to teach kids to PICK UP THEIR TOYS! I so need this advice!

4 apps that kids are using that parents should be on and know about. Stat.

Detailed Job Cards- laminate to use with dry or wet erase markers. For my chore challenged children.

I absolutely love this idea, I wished I had them prior to planting my garden I guess we could use them to plan a few flowers. Have fun with them. Thanks iMOM Kids Plant Labels | iMOM

Love this free printable! Stuff like this works great for my little ones, and then I don't have to constantly nag!