Yoga Poses to Say Goodbye to Back Bulge

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Simple Exercises to Help Back Fat

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Bedtime Yoga. Did this for the first time tonight and it really does work to relax and loosen body. Will be doing this every night.

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"3 Day Diet. I pinned this before, but someone has tried it and posted their results. Lost 9.5 in 3 Days. This sounds do-able."

Say NO to back fat!


Cool weight loss journey, went from "skinny fat" to healthy and toned.

8 Effective Exercises for Back Fat ... - Weightloss You’ve gotten rid of your muffin top, toned your arms, and you have legs an Olympic runner would be proud of… so what’s with that little bulge of fat that always makes it look like your bra is too small? It’s time for some exercises for back fat, and I have just the moves to get rid of it, fast. Best of all, none of them require pricey gym equipment. Here are 8 effective exercises for back fat. Say goodbye to that bra-strap bulge!

Chin Workout--sounds silly but it works your facial muscles and gets rid of that double chin and le jowls!

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