How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop #diy

do it yourself clouds

Indoor Clouds! Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde controls the weather and creates beautiful indoor clouds with the help of a smoke machine. Fog machine emits dense vapor / smoke that makes contact with sprayed water and forms small white cloud. Miniature cloud floats through the room and quickly disappears.

paper installation

Light + string installation

fibre bubbles installation

art installation

Light installation

- "Ich geh mal ne Runde schwimmen in meinem Apartment." - "Ihr habt einen POOL!?" - "Nein?"

Filippo Minelli puts a novel twist on the concept of "landscape painting."

eighth graders' paper installation

Melogranoblu ‘Maelström’ light installation Milan Design Week 2013 - this fantastic lighting design took up the whole room and was choreagraphed to music.


Suspended Bouncy Ball Installation 1

Jacob Hashimoto installation.

Turkish artist Sakir Gökcebag - making installations out of rolls of toilet paper - bravo!


pollen square


installation art