When my brother was born, I realized that by the time he was in high school my parents would be old and wouldn't have the strength to support him. I'm determined to finish high school, go to college, and help better his education. My motives have changed for the better. Instead of helping those already helped...I will help and take care of the one that needs it most - my brother Gabriel. I move forward only for him, so he doesn't fall backwards with nothing to catch him. - Naomi, 12th grader

The reason why I go to school is so that I will have opportunities. Education does play a huge role in my life because I like to learn and develop new skills. To me, you can never learn too much in the world. It grows so much each day and everyday there are changes. I like to learn about them. I want to make my family proud. When I graduate, it will show them that I was worked very hard during my four years of high school, and I had set high expectations for myself. - Aubrey, 12th grader

I come to school because my cousins and my older brother look up to me and because I want to be a lawyer and have a successful life. I also enjoy playing sports and meeting new people. I help my brother with his homework because I love him and I want to see him succeed. Also I'm going because of my dad, he dropped out of high school and I want to show him I want to succeed. I want to be happy and have a family that I can support and not live from paycheck to paycheck. - Kelsay, 9th grader

Because I was born and grew up in Ethiopia, coming to America for better educational oportunities is a privilege. Thinking about dropping out of high school, or even skipping a day, is ludicrous to my family. I stay in school because I want to make my parents proud. I want to make sure that their coming to a whole new different country and adjusting to a different culture was worth it. - Hilina, 12th grader

I want to have a career in sports administration. I go to school to better myself. I know going to school will lead me into the right direction to having a successful life. I also go to school to make my family proud. I go to school because I’m already on the right path to get my high school diploma. Having my high school and college diploma will allow me to exceed in my career field. - Keenan, 11th grader via CET Learning Services

This collage represents why I go to school. I want to be able to afford these things. If I go to college to further my education, then I can afford the things that are in my collage. I love fashion. It's going to be my major in college and my collage represents that. Also, if I finish high school and college my mom will be very proud of me. If I finish high school and college I can prove that I can make it to those who said that I couldn’t. - Deasia, 11th grader via CET Learning Services

I want to make myself and my parents proud. My parents were born in a country where there was poor education and war. They came to high school in the United States, and they worked hard and got jobs that let them travel the world. My dream is to travel different parts of the world after high school, with a good career that will let me do that, so I need to stay in school in order to fulfill my goal. - Adriana, 12th grader

I choose to stay in school because I want my children to be able to live a better life then I had growing up. Also I don't want to have to struggle getting through life because I don't have a high school diploma like my mother did. I stay in school because I made a goal for myself. I want to graduate high school, then I want to make a career with the Marines, and later down the road when I am ready I would like to start a family. (I leave for basic training in July.) - Heather, 12th grader

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I go to school for many reasons. First, my parents didn't go to college, so I'm trying to prove to people who don't believe I could do it that I will graduate. I am also doing it because I need a better education if I ever want to get a job that will support my future family. - Miguel, 11th grader

I go to school so I can secure my life. If I drop out of high school, when I grow up, I'll probably be really poor, and have no money for fun things. I wouldn't be able to afford anything I like, and neither would my family. - Elsa, 9th grader

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My parents decided to come back to the United States so my siblings and I could have a better life here. Having a better life means getting the opportunity to obtain a career. My parents are the most important people in my life, and I want to go college because I don’t want my parents to work as hard any more. Also, one day I want my kids to look up to me. - Areli, 10th grader

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