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It makes me cringe to think of the poor hens that never get to experience this life because they are stuck in tiny cages to push out eggs to supply the masses. Please only buy free range!

All of this - the grass, flowers, wooden fence, rooster - is perfect. How soothing to have this for a view.

Mind Your Dirt Urban Backyard Chicken Costs Pinterest Infographic. The actual costs and profits of raising urban backyard chickens will surprise you! The price of chicken feed and bedding is nowhere near what you can get from the eggs, manure and compost material! Check it out! Also, enjoy this awesome pinterest infographic that my girlfriend made!

My Pet Chicken Blogfrom My Pet Chicken Blog

The 6 Silliest Arguments Against Backyard Chickens

Lots of commenters seem to need this, so....The 6 Silliest Arguments Against Backyard Chickens


Chicken Breeds Ideal for Backyard Pets and Eggs

Ideal Breeds for Backyard Chickens