This is exactly what I want? @Alison

Dark to Brown Blonde Ombre Hair. Really tempted to get my hair done like this. My hair isn't naturally as dark as hers though so it'll probably look pretty good.

Babylights are reminiscent of the soft, sunkissed strands that graced your hair as a child. To achieve this look, pair finely woven highlights with handpainted pieces for a dimensional, yet subtle glow around the face and ends. // Madellina Talks

2015 Hair Trends Guide

**** I like the pattern for the highlights,natural and settle**** 2015 babylights balayage. mimics the natural highlights of a child's hair

Ombre dark to light. I really like this. I think this is what I'm going to have done the next time I go in.

I want to dye my hair ombre' soooo bad!I dunno if I want this style, or a colored ombre!

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How-to Party Pony Hairstyle - Tutorial with a clip in hair thing.