Washi Tape Light Switch & Outlet Cover

Cover light switches in washi tape!

DIY: easy washi tape light switch cover

Washi Tape Tutorials Galore!

dress up your switch plates with washi tape!

Make your own washi tape. {DIY washi tape}

Scrapbook paper outlet covers...must not forget to do this!.

We R Washi Tape Dispenser-4.5"X8.5"We R Washi Tape Dispenser-4.5"X8.5",

cover brads with washi tape

Empty containers can be used as hanging candle holders. May add colored/plain pebbles in it or use washi tapes to cover the outside part of the container.

diy washi tape

Burlap covered bin made from a diaper box. A cheap alternative to baskets.

Cereal box covered in scrapbook paper with magnets on the side of the fridge. Great place to put the mail pile!

Washi Tape Outlet Cover

How to make accessories out of Duct Tape - storage boxes, tissue boxes, candles. Tutorial @ House of Hepworths

Washi Tape Cord Organization, why did I not think of this?

1. Cover the apple logo with a piece of washi tape. 2. Lightly trace the apple outline with a pencil. 3. Remove the tape, cut along the lines, and reapply the tape. 4. If your cut isn't perfect, trim the tape as needed.