How to pose for photos! Good to know.

difference good pose can make

Flattering poses for women with curves

Posing hands

Photography posing tips

Posing tips on this website are clear and concise.


Cool photography tricks ~~ like the lamp trick!

awesome posing guide! Everyone should know these tricks.

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How your lens will capture your portraits. anything above 50mm is best for portraiture.

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Tips for posing in photographs

Tips & tricks for taking the perfect #selfie! This post seriously breaks down everything from how to get the perfect lighting and angle to what the best apps are for editing! Pin now, take gorgeous selfies later!

Several good posing tips!

how to fix dark or underexposed photos - easy!

Portrait photographer Kelly Weech reveals her trade secrets with 17 posing tips and in-camera slimming tricks for photographing curvy models. She explains how to direct a subject to inspire confidence and get the best out of their body shape, whatever it may be.

50 best Photoshop tutorials for beginners

50 ideas for family pictures. Poses, different ideas for colors & outfits.

Editing Day Mug (I probably need this as a big old sign to hang on my office door... or on a t-shirt!).

Posing Guide for Photographing Women: 7 Poses to Get You 21 Different Photos