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Queen Elizabeth I's pearl and ruby necklace. Historians say it's possible that the pearls may have belonged originally to her mother, Anne Boleyn.

BURMESE RUBY TIARA. The Queen received the rubies from the people of Burma as a Coronation gift. She sent the rubies to Garrad’s to create a new tiara in 1973. She selected a design where the rubies were arranged in clusters like the ROSE OF ENGLAND surrounded by diamonds. The Queen wears the crown often with her many ruby necklaces and bracelets. Since the passing of the Queen Mother, she has worn the magnificent ruby necklace, The State Rubies, left to the Crown by Queen Victoria.

The diamond coronation necklace and earrings were originally created for Queen Victoria. The jewels have been worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, The Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II at their coronations.

Queen Elizabeth's aquamarine, diamond, and platinum necklace.

Queen Victoria's Coronation Ring. 1838. Gold, sapphire, rubies, diamonds, silver.

British Crown Jewels: The Queen Consort's ring set with a large ruby, weighs 50.15 carats. The large ruby is surrounded by 14 round brilliant diamonds and set with rubies on the yellow gold shank. The ring was originally made in 1831 for Queen Adelaide at the coronation of her husband in 1831.

The Timur Ruby was presented to Queen Victoria by the East India Company in 1851. Given its name you might be surprised to know that the Timur Ruby isn’t actually a ruby but is actually a spinel. In April 1853 Queen Victoria directed the court jewelers Garrards & Co to set the gems into a necklace. Garrards set four of these stones in a new diamond-encrusted gold/enamel Oriental-style necklace. In June 1853, further modification was made to allow the stone to be detached and worn as a brooch.

Locket ring belonging to Queen Elizabeth I, I've pinned this before. If you flip the ring open there is an image of Elizabeth and her mother, Anne.

designed by the prince consort for queen victoria