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  • Anissa Stamm

    C I say more?! #Cute pet

  • Holly Arrington

    funny cat pictures - You want cuddles on demand? Here's $20, buy a dog

  • Jo

    Cats don't do on demand!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!! Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 102 Pics

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Why can't I help but talk in a funny voice when I read these? :) Love it!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 72 Pics

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they say that dog owners really start looking like their dogs after a while.

Haha. This is sooo what my Millie would do if I didn't crate her when I leave the house!

this is what my jerk of a fat cat did today to show me how mad she is at me for putting her on a diet...

Through the good and the bad in life, at the end of the road there will always be your dog as your loyal best friend. This quote is so true in my life, I live for the simple things- and my dog is one of them.

I hate cats but I think I could handle this one hahaha

Good Morning! It´s Sunday 6 am and I want my breakfast....NOW!!