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Well, that's just because it's more important to me.  I mean, you don't grow up with the characters from history, do you?

it's kind of sad that this is kind of true. I mean, I know my US History, but HP is just so fantastic. HP:the back of my hand::US History:the top of my foot

«Il est capable de filer plus vite que Severus Rogue confronté à une bouteille de shampoing!»  - Fred &George Weasley.

Harry Potter character deaths, in order. Strange to think that from Hedwig down is a list of deaths in just the Seventh book. Everything above that is divided between the first six books.

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Hermione Vs. Bella

Funny pictures about Hermione Granger vs. Oh, and cool pics about Hermione Granger vs. Also, Hermione Granger vs.

@Linden Down, @E, @Melody Bradley Casiano and @Kristen H...Post-Potter Depression, does this sound familiar? : )

Officially my favorite PPD post <<< more like Accio another HP book

Good way to memorize the periodic table

Harry Potter periodic table of characters. This is impressive that somebody actually spent time on this. I'm such a nerd.